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Powerocks Review Week One

24 Dec


Blogger 101: Always have a charger on hand in the event that your iPhone, iPad or Android phones battery completely dies.

I was excited to find out that I was chosen to receive the Powerocks Magicstick to demo and provide an honest review on the product.  I allowed my Magicstick to completely charge over night so that I would be able to effectively give my honest review on how it stands up against previous brands that I have used in the past. Honestly for me I am on Social Media from the time I wake up in the morning until the time that I go to sleep at night so one can only imagine how many times my battery dies on all of my devices in a day. On yesterday I decided to put the Magicstick to the test. I discovered that both my iPhone 4S and iPhone5 batteries were dying so I plugged my iPhone4S which had a 40% charge @ 11:46am  into the Magicstick for its first charging session and here where the results:

I can say from my experience that the charging process was quick and needless to say that I was happy so I decided to charge my iPhone5 as well. The iPhone5 was already at 69% when I began to charge it and here are its results:

  • @12:43pm the charge was @69%
  • @1:08pm the charge was @90%
  • @1:21pm the charge was @97%
  • @1:31pm the charge was @100%

Hey in my book that’s lightning fast charging especially for a Social Media Manager and Blogger. I am constantly on the go and using all of my devices to post up to the minute moments on social media. I was also able to charge both devices a second time later on in the day so hey…so far so good! Stay tuned for more news on my Powerocks Magicstick.


Power Rocks Magic Stick

11 Dec

My life is very hectic. I am a single mother of three kids, Social Media Manager and a Lifestyle Blogger. One can not imagine what a typical day looks like for me. People hear that you’re a Social Media Manager and they think it’s the easiest job in the world but no one understands how much work is involved, traveling to events and the millions of times that I post on Social Media outlets throughout both the day and night. Basically its a 24/7 career but I absolutely love it. One can only imagine how many times my iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone go dead. Trust me its too many times to count so when the opportunity arose for me to try out a new gadget, well lets just say I was excited to be afforded the opportunity.

Just incase you’re not familiar with the Magicstick here are some exciting pointers about this charger:

  1. The Magicstick  2800mAh is compact and lightweight which is great for a Social Media Maven like myself always on the go.
  2. The Magicstick 2800mAH size is perfect because it fits in any pocket, purse or backpack and you never have to worry of getting stuck with a phone or mobile device.
  3.  The Magicstick is easy to use and  carry. A single USB port and corresponding cable with micro to USB connections let  you charge a variety of devices seamlessly.
  4.  The Magicstick also features a  smooth, brushed aluminum finish available in a variety of colors. An included  drawstring carry case keeps it protected and always handy for use. Just grab,  go, and get charged up with the Magicstick.

The Magicstick can be found on www.powerocksmedia.com and retails for $49.99 and is available in the following colors: black, blue, red, silver, pink, green and charcoal. The battery capacity is 2800mAh and has a lithium battery. I’m super excited to have the opportunity to review the Magicstick  and I can not wait to see if the Magicstick can handle my demands. I haven’t received my charger yet and I will post weekly updates on my experience with the Magicstick.


Touch Screen Compatible Gloves!!!

9 Dec





I was rushing off to Jury Duty today and I realized that I had left my cute little bow tie gloves at home so I decided to stop by my local Wal-Mart to grab a pair and to my surprise I found these unique Touch Screen Compatible Gloves. OMG! These are a Social Media Maven’s dream at least mine. I love to play dress up but I can not stand for my hands to get cold. I have found that in the winter seasons my hands get extremely cold and I love to wear gloves all day. In my field a normal day is having my laptop, iphone, ipad2 and mini ipad available because I’m posting something every minute of the day and I find that I always have to take  my right glove off but not anymore!!! I’m in Social Media Heaven! I’m so happy that Wal-Mart sells these and of course I brought a pair in every color. If you’re a social media junkie like me and you’re in Wal-Mart stop by their accessory section and grab you a pair or two!  Did I mention that they only cost $2.00!!! #TEAMWINNING

Three Events In Two Days

23 Nov


I can truly say that I am living my life! I had the pleasure of attending four different events in two days on last weekend. My Saturday started out with an amazing Pink and Purple Brunch for Oh! Nikka which was held at The Lobby Bar & Bistro located in Atlantic Station here in Atlanta. I have visited The Lobby several times and I have always enjoyed myself and they provide a great brunch menu with a variety of items to choose from so if your ever in Atlanta this is the place to visit.  I almost forgot the “Bottomless Mimosa’s” are amazing!

043 035 049

037 051 - Copy 054


I had a great time attending The Natural Girls Rock Christmas Party with my sister Alisha. We had a great time meeting fellow naturals and vendors from the surrounding Atlanta area.



011             012


I had the pleasure of attending the second annual Forever Pink Foundation Movie Premiere on last weekend.The Forever Pink Foundation was created by chapters of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. I attended their first premiere for “SPARKLE” starring Whitney Houston. This year we had the pleasure of supporting the ladies with their second premiere fund-raiser and they chose THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY. If you have never attended one of their events then you are indeed missing out because these ladies know how to host an amazing event and raise money for their communities. The night was filled with excitement leading up to the movie beginning along with swag bags, raffles and great prizes. The Forever Pink Foundation had two jammed packed theatres for THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY premiere. I was blessed to be apart and I can not wait until their next event!


   031 030 Best man1 Best Man


23 Nov

On last night I attended the Giving Is Glam Canned Food Drive at Chef Rob’s Upscale Lounge in Roswell. This was my first time ever visiting Chef Rob’s. This was a charitable event hosted by the following bloggers: @iamlilliemae @iammsbotalley @beautyarchitect @virtuousstyls @ritakaydavis @prettysmartbiz and @kiwithebeauty. The evening was full of networking, photos and great food. Since this was my first time at the restaurant I decided to order their pan seared crab cakes. Let me just say that I was not in the less bit worried about the taste because Chef Rob has an reputation that far exceeds many fellow Chefs. OMG! The crab cake was to amazing. I enjoyed a glass of white wine which they just happen to be having a $5.00 special and a slice of his famous Cheesecake. Let’s just say that I was in Heaven. The evening was a huge hit! I was also one of the twitter winners too! They don’t call me the “Social Media Queen” for nothing. I had a fantastic time and I was able to meet many of my fellow Diva Bloggers. HAPPY BLOGGING DIVAS!


22 Oct
Photo Credit: Scottie Hobbs of www.scottiehobbs.com

Photo Credit: Scottie Hobbs of http://www.scottiehobbs.com

I have to give GOD all praises and glory. The past two years he has allowed me to hold numerous positions in the industry that will equip me with the knowledge to carry any business to the next level. When I look back on my career I have held the following positions: Executive, Store Manager, Logistics, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Accounting, Product Development, Recruiting and Teaching to name a few. I have been exposed to things that others will never experience. Although my life has a story that many would have never survived…I am still here and standing strong. I drive and motivate myself to THE BEST!! I’m my own cheerleader! When I look in the mirror I am very proud of myself and so are my three kids.

Blogalicious Five Goodies

17 Oct

When I say that Blogalicious puts a whole new meaning to “SWAG BAGS” I absolutely mean it. I have attended my share of events and received thousands maybe millions of swag bags but Blogalicious Swag Bags were EVERYTHING!! Just take a look at the pictures:

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Blogalicious Five Day Three

17 Oct

The past two days were filled with so much knowledge that one could only wonder what Day Three would hope but as the saying goes “Save the Best for Last”. We had the opportunity to learn from PIC MONKEY. If you’re not familiar with the company then please take a moment to visit their website www.picmonkey.com. I learned that when I find myself in a rut or having writers block that I should create a mood board to help me. I have tried this technique after the conference and I will honestly say that it works. I also learned to keep it simple basically “LESS IS MORE”. The day continued with amazing seminars. In my opinion the “BEST ” seminar was the Booking, Speaking and Hosting: The How-to on speaking engagements, live events and webinars. We were bless to hear from three very powerful women. Telisha Ng or www.goddess.com and she taught us how to go from blog to a signature event and the benefits of having a signature event. Lynn White spoke about Creditability, Like-ability and visibility. The highlight for me was when Uneeka Jay of Powerful U Media spoke on how to take your knowledge to the next level as a speaker. I was utterly amazed and bless to hear her speak. Ms. Jay is simply a dynamite woman. She exemplifies what a true business woman is and has no objection to teaching others what she knows in fact she lives to teach others how to make money from their knowledge. All I can say is if you missed this Woman of God then you need to attend one of her powerful seminars. I walked away with a wealth of knowledge that will stay with me forever.


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Blogalicious Five Day Two Recap

17 Oct

On Day Two I was excited to see what lessons were in store for us as we all ate breakfast together and then shortly thereafter heading back upstairs to patiently await the life long lessons we would receive on our second day. To my surprise I was excited to hear Amy Dubois-Barnett, Ebony Magazine Editor-In-Chief. I was especially excited because from countless research I had previously discovered that there were very little African-Americans in a role like her and even more a female.

1052013 117 1052013 119


Amy spoke about the following:

1. Have Integrity

2. Do something meaningful everyday

3. Be Happy

4. Get the most out life as you possibly can

5. What you put into the Universe is what you get back!

6. You will get what you put out ten fold

7. Be generous, loving and kind

8. Stay Independent

9. Dream Big and Work towards your goals


The next panel to take the stage was complied of individuals who I have admired for years. The panel was complied of Shameeka Ayers of www.brokesocialite.com, Patrice Yursik Afrobella whom we all know as none other than Afrobella herself, Maggie Mason of www.girl.com, Luvvie  Ajayi of www.awesomeluvvie.com, Denene Miller Author and Journalist and Lamar Tyler, Founder of Black and Married. This panel was filled with valuable information that will stay us for years to come.

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Blogalicious Five Day One Recap

17 Oct

I have had a series of events, conferences and shows since my last post and I am just getting around to doing my recap. So lets get to it! This was my first time attending Blogalicious. I found out about it from conducting a search in attempts to find classes to take on blogging. If you know me then you will understand that I am a perfectionist and I absolutely love knowledge. Let me tell you this conference is everything. Many times when people think or speak of bloggers you are often given the side eye because the way some “famous bloggers” conduct themselves but this pool of bloggers that I had the pleasure of meeting, interacting with and learning from was composed of some the most intelligent business women and men that I have ever met in my life.

Day 1

I had the pleasure of meeting many bloggers and motivational speakers. I learned the seven deadly sins of blogging along with how to distinguish myself apart from others. I also learned 10 steps to narrowcasting and insightful tips on how to keep my followers engaged.  One of the panelist insisted that as a blogger it is important to implement a daily routines. The routines are as follows:

1. Start slow, 10 minutes per day.

2. On day One find new people to engage

3. Day Two engage with some of those people

4. Then set a goal of 5 new engagements per week at first

5. Work your way to 5 new engagements per day


Day 1 was filled with many more tips and information that will help all of us bloggers take our business to the next level.


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