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My Powerocks is here!!

23 Dec


I’m super excited because my Powerocks portable charger arrived on yesterday and I can not wait to give it a try. I have tried several in the past that only lasted a week so I’m curious to see how the powerocks will compare to the others that I have used. I travel international often and the need for me to have a dependable charger is a must have for my career. The powerocks can be used for all devices including but not limited to phones, cameras, portable game systems, GPS devices, mp3 players and more!

The powerocks device is made using the highest quality materials and the best lithium-ion battery available. Its is conveniently small and suppose to be very powerful! I liked the fact that when I opened the package I noticed that there is a bag to store your charger in which is major plus for me because it prevents it getting damaged in my purse. I also noticed the bright red light when I plugged it in to charge which lets me know what percentage of charge I have which is another plus. Basically a red light means 0-30%, a green light means 30-70% and blue means 70-100% HOW COOL IS THAT? We’ll lets give it a try! I have it charging and tomorrow I will give it a go!

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Touch Screen Compatible Gloves!!!

9 Dec





I was rushing off to Jury Duty today and I realized that I had left my cute little bow tie gloves at home so I decided to stop by my local Wal-Mart to grab a pair and to my surprise I found these unique Touch Screen Compatible Gloves. OMG! These are a Social Media Maven’s dream at least mine. I love to play dress up but I can not stand for my hands to get cold. I have found that in the winter seasons my hands get extremely cold and I love to wear gloves all day. In my field a normal day is having my laptop, iphone, ipad2 and mini ipad available because I’m posting something every minute of the day and I find that I always have to take  my right glove off but not anymore!!! I’m in Social Media Heaven! I’m so happy that Wal-Mart sells these and of course I brought a pair in every color. If you’re a social media junkie like me and you’re in Wal-Mart stop by their accessory section and grab you a pair or two!  Did I mention that they only cost $2.00!!! #TEAMWINNING

Fashion For Less!

23 Nov

Good Morning! So this morning I realized that all of  my really cute business dresses and pants were still at the cleaners and after taking my kids to school I pondered on the question “What will I wear to work today”? I decided to stop by Wal-Mart and look for something quick yet fashionable to wear today and my budget in mind was $25.00. I looked in the women’s section and I was not impressed so I decided to go to my faithful little girl section where yes of course I can still fit their clothes. I know what your thinking! I’m 37 with three kids and guess what I can still fit a size 14/16 in the little girls section. I came across this cute hot pink dress $11.88 and a pair of black tights $5.88 which was a grand total of $17.76! BOOM! So without further ado here are pictures of my $20 Outfit Of The Day!



22 Oct
Photo Credit: Scottie Hobbs of www.scottiehobbs.com

Photo Credit: Scottie Hobbs of http://www.scottiehobbs.com

I have to give GOD all praises and glory. The past two years he has allowed me to hold numerous positions in the industry that will equip me with the knowledge to carry any business to the next level. When I look back on my career I have held the following positions: Executive, Store Manager, Logistics, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Accounting, Product Development, Recruiting and Teaching to name a few. I have been exposed to things that others will never experience. Although my life has a story that many would have never survived…I am still here and standing strong. I drive and motivate myself to THE BEST!! I’m my own cheerleader! When I look in the mirror I am very proud of myself and so are my three kids.

Blogalicious Five Day Three

17 Oct

The past two days were filled with so much knowledge that one could only wonder what Day Three would hope but as the saying goes “Save the Best for Last”. We had the opportunity to learn from PIC MONKEY. If you’re not familiar with the company then please take a moment to visit their website www.picmonkey.com. I learned that when I find myself in a rut or having writers block that I should create a mood board to help me. I have tried this technique after the conference and I will honestly say that it works. I also learned to keep it simple basically “LESS IS MORE”. The day continued with amazing seminars. In my opinion the “BEST ” seminar was the Booking, Speaking and Hosting: The How-to on speaking engagements, live events and webinars. We were bless to hear from three very powerful women. Telisha Ng or www.goddess.com and she taught us how to go from blog to a signature event and the benefits of having a signature event. Lynn White spoke about Creditability, Like-ability and visibility. The highlight for me was when Uneeka Jay of Powerful U Media spoke on how to take your knowledge to the next level as a speaker. I was utterly amazed and bless to hear her speak. Ms. Jay is simply a dynamite woman. She exemplifies what a true business woman is and has no objection to teaching others what she knows in fact she lives to teach others how to make money from their knowledge. All I can say is if you missed this Woman of God then you need to attend one of her powerful seminars. I walked away with a wealth of knowledge that will stay with me forever.


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