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Oh No! I dropped my iPhone! A Social Media Mgr & Bloggers Nightmare

23 Dec

Oh My! Where do I start? On last week I was dropping my SUV off to the mechanic for him to correct a mistake that he made so of course you already know that I was steaming hot when I got to the shop. In the process of explaining to the mechanic what was wrong with my SUV he proceeds to grab the keys out of my hands and my baby (iPhone4S) goes flying and the concrete caught her fall. Lord she was cracked at the very top. Why you ask? Because the plastic film that is supposed to keep her safe started to peel back hence you will see the extent of the damage in the below picture. Needless to say I cried. Yep! I cried!

photo 4

As I was heading back to the office I remembered that I met Terrance known to us bloggers as BrothaTech at Blogalicious5! I sent him a message on Facebook because you already know that at that moment I wasn’t thinking about searching for his business card. I was hysterical! BrothaTech responded immediately and asked me to answer four questions and requested a picture of my iPhone. I was so excited that he was able to make me an appointment immediately to repair my baby (iPhone4S). When I tell you that he provides top-notch service please believe me. My iPhone was repaired in less than an hour and I was excited to get back to blogging and posting pictures. LOL. Here’s a picture of my baby after repairs.

photo 3

I also have an iPad2 that he will be repairing after the New Year! Please make sure that you check him out for assistance with your technical devices and yes he repairs all brands. Here is his info:





Fall World Natural Hair Show 2013 Recap

21 Oct

The Fall World Natural Hair Show was held on October 12-13, 2013 in Atlanta, GA. In case your not familar with this Natural Hair event it takes place twice a year in the Spring and Fall. Naturals come from all over the world to attend the event to gain additional knowledge on how to care for their hair, how to properly use the products, a chance to meet the with owners of their favorite natural hair brands and the opportunity to purchase products at a discounted rate. Over the past five years The World Natural Hair Show has become an annual trip for a host of naturals.

WNHSFALL2013 097

The two days were filled with vendors selling their products and consumers eagered to learn and have first debs at purchasing the newest products launched for show deal rates. I have had the pleasure of both attending and serving as the show coordinator for the company that I represent. The weekend was also filled with events. The consumers had the opportunity to attend the Fashion on The Edge Fashion Show that was held on Saturday and The After Party which took place on Sunday.

WNHSFALL2013 022 - Copy

Roc Your Locs (Front View)

WNHSFALL2013 020 - Copy

WNHSFALL2013 022 - Copy

Roc Your Locs (Back View)

Roc Your Locs (Back View)

Pictures of the Venue

WNHSFALL2013 024

WNHSFALL2013 027

WNHSFALL2013 029

WNHSFALL2013 030

WNHSFALL2013 032

WNHSFALL2013 054 - Copy

WNHSFALL2013 055

WNHSFALL2013 057

WNHSFALL2013 058

WNHSFALL2013 075

WNHSFALL2013 082

WNHSFALL2013 087

WNHSFALL2013 121


WNHSFALL2013 124

Sponsored by

WNHSFALL2013 125 - Copy

The Fashion Show was filled amazing designs and I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Setitoff Jones who made a special appearance

WNHSFALL2013 238

WNHSFALL2013 127 - Copy

WNHSFALL2013 128

WNHSFALL2013 131 - Copy

WNHSFALL2013 132

WNHSFALL2013 136 - Copy

WNHSFALL2013 137

WNHSFALL2013 141

WNHSFALL2013 142 - Copy

WNHSFALL2013 144 - Copy

WNHSFALL2013 157WNHSFALL2013 160 WNHSFALL2013 163

WNHSFALL2013 168

WNHSFALL2013 172

WNHSFALL2013 176


WNHSFALL2013 371

WNHSFALL2013 367

WNHSFALL2013 359

WNHSFALL2013 350

Alisha, Jibril Waajid and I


Natural Hair Bloggers


Natural hair Divas

Blogalicious Five Goodies

17 Oct

When I say that Blogalicious puts a whole new meaning to “SWAG BAGS” I absolutely mean it. I have attended my share of events and received thousands maybe millions of swag bags but Blogalicious Swag Bags were EVERYTHING!! Just take a look at the pictures:

1052013 110 1052013 112 1052013 113 1052013 114 1052013 115

Blogalicious Five Day Two Recap

17 Oct

On Day Two I was excited to see what lessons were in store for us as we all ate breakfast together and then shortly thereafter heading back upstairs to patiently await the life long lessons we would receive on our second day. To my surprise I was excited to hear Amy Dubois-Barnett, Ebony Magazine Editor-In-Chief. I was especially excited because from countless research I had previously discovered that there were very little African-Americans in a role like her and even more a female.

1052013 117 1052013 119


Amy spoke about the following:

1. Have Integrity

2. Do something meaningful everyday

3. Be Happy

4. Get the most out life as you possibly can

5. What you put into the Universe is what you get back!

6. You will get what you put out ten fold

7. Be generous, loving and kind

8. Stay Independent

9. Dream Big and Work towards your goals


The next panel to take the stage was complied of individuals who I have admired for years. The panel was complied of Shameeka Ayers of www.brokesocialite.com, Patrice Yursik Afrobella whom we all know as none other than Afrobella herself, Maggie Mason of www.girl.com, Luvvie  Ajayi of www.awesomeluvvie.com, Denene Miller Author and Journalist and Lamar Tyler, Founder of Black and Married. This panel was filled with valuable information that will stay us for years to come.

1052013 126 1052013 127 1052013 128 1052013 130 1052013 132 1052013 133 1052013 134 1052013 144 1052013 145 1052013 148

Day 1 of Blogalicious Five

3 Oct

Good Morning…….

Today is the day. That’s right its the official first day of Blogalicious!!! I’m super excited and I can’t wait to meet all of my favorite bloggers and make new life long connections. I will provide continious updates throughout the day via all of my social media outlets. Here is a look at the schedule for today compliments of http://blogaliciousfive.sched.org/












The Countdown Begins…..

27 Sep

I’m super excited to be attending my first BlogaliciousFive Conference that will take place here in Atlanta, GA. This conference draws all bloggers from near and far into one space for three days of education, training and of course FUN!

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