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Oh No! I dropped my iPhone! A Social Media Mgr & Bloggers Nightmare

23 Dec

Oh My! Where do I start? On last week I was dropping my SUV off to the mechanic for him to correct a mistake that he made so of course you already know that I was steaming hot when I got to the shop. In the process of explaining to the mechanic what was wrong with my SUV he proceeds to grab the keys out of my hands and my baby (iPhone4S) goes flying and the concrete caught her fall. Lord she was cracked at the very top. Why you ask? Because the plastic film that is supposed to keep her safe started to peel back hence you will see the extent of the damage in the below picture. Needless to say I cried. Yep! I cried!

photo 4

As I was heading back to the office I remembered that I met Terrance known to us bloggers as BrothaTech at Blogalicious5! I sent him a message on Facebook because you already know that at that moment I wasn’t thinking about searching for his business card. I was hysterical! BrothaTech responded immediately and asked me to answer four questions and requested a picture of my iPhone. I was so excited that he was able to make me an appointment immediately to repair my baby (iPhone4S). When I tell you that he provides top-notch service please believe me. My iPhone was repaired in less than an hour and I was excited to get back to blogging and posting pictures. LOL. Here’s a picture of my baby after repairs.

photo 3

I also have an iPad2 that he will be repairing after the New Year! Please make sure that you check him out for assistance with your technical devices and yes he repairs all brands. Here is his info:





Blogalicious Five Goodies

17 Oct

When I say that Blogalicious puts a whole new meaning to “SWAG BAGS” I absolutely mean it. I have attended my share of events and received thousands maybe millions of swag bags but Blogalicious Swag Bags were EVERYTHING!! Just take a look at the pictures:

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Blogalicious Five Day One Recap

17 Oct

I have had a series of events, conferences and shows since my last post and I am just getting around to doing my recap. So lets get to it! This was my first time attending Blogalicious. I found out about it from conducting a search in attempts to find classes to take on blogging. If you know me then you will understand that I am a perfectionist and I absolutely love knowledge. Let me tell you this conference is everything. Many times when people think or speak of bloggers you are often given the side eye because the way some “famous bloggers” conduct themselves but this pool of bloggers that I had the pleasure of meeting, interacting with and learning from was composed of some the most intelligent business women and men that I have ever met in my life.

Day 1

I had the pleasure of meeting many bloggers and motivational speakers. I learned the seven deadly sins of blogging along with how to distinguish myself apart from others. I also learned 10 steps to narrowcasting and insightful tips on how to keep my followers engaged.  One of the panelist insisted that as a blogger it is important to implement a daily routines. The routines are as follows:

1. Start slow, 10 minutes per day.

2. On day One find new people to engage

3. Day Two engage with some of those people

4. Then set a goal of 5 new engagements per week at first

5. Work your way to 5 new engagements per day


Day 1 was filled with many more tips and information that will help all of us bloggers take our business to the next level.


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