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Single Mother Encouragement

30 Oct
Good Morning! Today I felt inspired to post on my personal Facebook Page a simply, short yet true message that is very dear to my heart. The message was not posted to obtain responses but as a message to at least one single mother out there struggling; raising kids alone; in college; working two jobs or just feeling a little down. I wanted to share a small portion of my story with them.
Reposted from my personal facebook page:
I don’t like to talk personal but I must say this!! I’m a single divorced mother and I hear over and over that you can’t do anything with kids well let me say this… I have worked in Corporate America all my life. I have three sons ages 17, 10 & 6. I was unemployed for two years at one point but I didn’t let that hinder me because I decided to start a baking business and go back to school and earn my Masters in Public Administration. I continue travel the world  for both work and leisure with my kids and expose them to different cultures. I say this to that mother reading this…SINGLE MOTHERS ROCK! Don’t be discouraged because we do make a difference in our kids lives and the lives of others. This is no discredit to married couples because I was once a WIFE Too! See no one knows the next persons struggle or anything about their life. NEVER ASSUME ABOUT SOMEONES STORY!! I can truly say I love my life and I continue to work hard to provide for my kids and to work towards building more of my DREAMS!


22 Oct

I hopped on Facebook earlier for a few minutes to check my messages and I saw an interesting post in my news feed. The picture was of Bob Marley and it was titled Michael Basiden’s Quote of the Day. The quote that was added to The Legends Picture was one that not only hits home for me but for the majority of women. I could not signoff without reposting the picture to my facebook personal page, twitter, instagram and tumblr. The picture stirred up a conversation on all media outlets because in my opinion his Quote of the Day was truly telling the truth when it comes to relationships and how the reactions of a man affects a woman. I will not get into a long drawn out post about it but Ladies read the caption and tell me how you feel.

Quote of Day by Michael Basiden

Quote of Day by Michael Basiden




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