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Blogalicious Five Goodies

17 Oct

When I say that Blogalicious puts a whole new meaning to “SWAG BAGS” I absolutely mean it. I have attended my share of events and received thousands maybe millions of swag bags but Blogalicious Swag Bags were EVERYTHING!! Just take a look at the pictures:

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Blogalicious Five Day Three

17 Oct

The past two days were filled with so much knowledge that one could only wonder what Day Three would hope but as the saying goes “Save the Best for Last”. We had the opportunity to learn from PIC MONKEY. If you’re not familiar with the company then please take a moment to visit their website I learned that when I find myself in a rut or having writers block that I should create a mood board to help me. I have tried this technique after the conference and I will honestly say that it works. I also learned to keep it simple basically “LESS IS MORE”. The day continued with amazing seminars. In my opinion the “BEST ” seminar was the Booking, Speaking and Hosting: The How-to on speaking engagements, live events and webinars. We were bless to hear from three very powerful women. Telisha Ng or and she taught us how to go from blog to a signature event and the benefits of having a signature event. Lynn White spoke about Creditability, Like-ability and visibility. The highlight for me was when Uneeka Jay of Powerful U Media spoke on how to take your knowledge to the next level as a speaker. I was utterly amazed and bless to hear her speak. Ms. Jay is simply a dynamite woman. She exemplifies what a true business woman is and has no objection to teaching others what she knows in fact she lives to teach others how to make money from their knowledge. All I can say is if you missed this Woman of God then you need to attend one of her powerful seminars. I walked away with a wealth of knowledge that will stay with me forever.


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Blogalicious Five Day Two Recap

17 Oct

On Day Two I was excited to see what lessons were in store for us as we all ate breakfast together and then shortly thereafter heading back upstairs to patiently await the life long lessons we would receive on our second day. To my surprise I was excited to hear Amy Dubois-Barnett, Ebony Magazine Editor-In-Chief. I was especially excited because from countless research I had previously discovered that there were very little African-Americans in a role like her and even more a female.

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Amy spoke about the following:

1. Have Integrity

2. Do something meaningful everyday

3. Be Happy

4. Get the most out life as you possibly can

5. What you put into the Universe is what you get back!

6. You will get what you put out ten fold

7. Be generous, loving and kind

8. Stay Independent

9. Dream Big and Work towards your goals


The next panel to take the stage was complied of individuals who I have admired for years. The panel was complied of Shameeka Ayers of, Patrice Yursik Afrobella whom we all know as none other than Afrobella herself, Maggie Mason of, Luvvie  Ajayi of, Denene Miller Author and Journalist and Lamar Tyler, Founder of Black and Married. This panel was filled with valuable information that will stay us for years to come.

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Blogalicious Five Day One Recap

17 Oct

I have had a series of events, conferences and shows since my last post and I am just getting around to doing my recap. So lets get to it! This was my first time attending Blogalicious. I found out about it from conducting a search in attempts to find classes to take on blogging. If you know me then you will understand that I am a perfectionist and I absolutely love knowledge. Let me tell you this conference is everything. Many times when people think or speak of bloggers you are often given the side eye because the way some “famous bloggers” conduct themselves but this pool of bloggers that I had the pleasure of meeting, interacting with and learning from was composed of some the most intelligent business women and men that I have ever met in my life.

Day 1

I had the pleasure of meeting many bloggers and motivational speakers. I learned the seven deadly sins of blogging along with how to distinguish myself apart from others. I also learned 10 steps to narrowcasting and insightful tips on how to keep my followers engaged.  One of the panelist insisted that as a blogger it is important to implement a daily routines. The routines are as follows:

1. Start slow, 10 minutes per day.

2. On day One find new people to engage

3. Day Two engage with some of those people

4. Then set a goal of 5 new engagements per week at first

5. Work your way to 5 new engagements per day


Day 1 was filled with many more tips and information that will help all of us bloggers take our business to the next level.


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Special Thanks to all of our Sponsors:

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Day 1 of Blogalicious Five

3 Oct

Good Morning…….

Today is the day. That’s right its the official first day of Blogalicious!!! I’m super excited and I can’t wait to meet all of my favorite bloggers and make new life long connections. I will provide continious updates throughout the day via all of my social media outlets. Here is a look at the schedule for today compliments of












The Countdown Begins…..

27 Sep

I’m super excited to be attending my first BlogaliciousFive Conference that will take place here in Atlanta, GA. This conference draws all bloggers from near and far into one space for three days of education, training and of course FUN!

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