Mayor Kasim Reed is elected for a Second Term

23 Nov

Tuesday the election for the Mayor of Atlanta was held throughout various counties to select the Mayor for The City of Atlanta. The polls were packed as everyone rushed out to cast their votes. Mayor Kasim Reed was on the ballot running against three other candidates for Mayor as well as District 11 Council Member Keisha Lance Bottoms. The citizens of Atlanta and surrounding counties patiently for the results to come in to reveal the elected officials. I decided to end the weeks of campaigning through Social Media by attending Mayor Kasim Reed Celebration Party that was being held downtown at our Hyatt Regency located on Peachtree Street. Upon arrival the night was filled of Mayor Reeds supporters. A host of Legislators, Congressional & Council Members, Mentors and Supporters began to rapidly fill the ballroom and mingle amongst each other as we patiently awaited the results to be announced. The night continued and the results were finally announced and the crowd went wild when they learned that Mayor Kasim Reed was elected into his second term as the Mayor of Atlanta. Mayor Kasim Reed made his entrance and blessed the crowd with a heart warmth speech that touched every ones heart. This was truly a remarkable experience for me and I am truly bless to witness this joyous moment in history. Congratulations to Mayor Kasim Reed, Council Woman Keisha Bottoms and all of the winners.


~Turkesha Naturalbabydol McIvy





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