Single Mother Encouragement

30 Oct
Good Morning! Today I felt inspired to post on my personal Facebook Page a simply, short yet true message that is very dear to my heart. The message was not posted to obtain responses but as a message to at least one single mother out there struggling; raising kids alone; in college; working two jobs or just feeling a little down. I wanted to share a small portion of my story with them.
Reposted from my personal facebook page:
I don’t like to talk personal but I must say this!! I’m a single divorced mother and I hear over and over that you can’t do anything with kids well let me say this… I have worked in Corporate America all my life. I have three sons ages 17, 10 & 6. I was unemployed for two years at one point but I didn’t let that hinder me because I decided to start a baking business and go back to school and earn my Masters in Public Administration. I continue travel the world  for both work and leisure with my kids and expose them to different cultures. I say this to that mother reading this…SINGLE MOTHERS ROCK! Don’t be discouraged because we do make a difference in our kids lives and the lives of others. This is no discredit to married couples because I was once a WIFE Too! See no one knows the next persons struggle or anything about their life. NEVER ASSUME ABOUT SOMEONES STORY!! I can truly say I love my life and I continue to work hard to provide for my kids and to work towards building more of my DREAMS!

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