Gymnastics Trial Class

30 Oct

119 North 85 Parkway
Fayetteville, GA 30214
Phone: 770.461.5528
Fax: 770.461.0955

As a corporate mommy I try to ensure that my kids are exposed to a host of activities. My six year old has been asking for months to go to Gym South to take gymastics. The past months I have been traveling a lot so I promised him once I had time that I would take him. Imagine how he felt when I surprised him with a trial class for the gymnastics teacher to measure where he would be placed in class if I chose to sign him up. The trial class was scheduled at 1:00pm and upon arrival he was taken out on the mats to join over thirty fellow kids. My son has had some experience with the rings from his Martial Arts Class at United Martial Science Federation so we were amazed at his ability to hold him self up and flip for a long period of time. My son went from post to post that included both tumbling and gymnastics. Needless to say that I was one proud mommy because his ability to handle both the rings and high beams was absolutely AWESOME! The gymnastics teacher told me at the end of class that he would start in the Bronze class for a few weeks and then move on to the Silver class.


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